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FOR ALL NEW STUDENTS ONLY - Welcome to School-Day!
Published on Sep 1, 2019 08:32

Good morning, 

We are pleased to announce that last year Monsignor J.E. Ronan transitioned to School-Day, an online activities management and payment processing platform.

With School-Day, you will be able to receive school news and announcements, complete permission forms, and pay for any school service, product or event,  all on-line. 

The most important immediate step is to have all parents register for School-Day!

Please follow the detailed instructions provided in the customized letters that will be sent home during the first week of school for EACH NEW STUDENT . These letters will include a unique key code for each child, which is needed to register successfully. Please check their school bags! 

*School-Day is best accessed via  a tablet or computer, the website currently does not respond well when accessed via a cell phone.

As always, please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns! Working together we can ensure a smooth transition to School-Day! 


God Bless,

Mr. Mauro Porco
Monsignor J.E. Ronan Catholic School