Recommended Websites

Websites Used to Support Curriculum English (games, trivia, crosswords, word finds) (poems, bibliographies, cover makers, trading cards, letter generator, essay map, compare/contrast and graphic maps) (Recount Review) (Don't Buy It! - Advertising Tricks)

French (to help strengthen and reinforce french curriculum) (games, songs, conversations)

Math Sites (amusement park activities for all areas of math) (activities for assorted areas of math) (interactive long division) (activities for assorted areas of math) (times table practice) (assorted math games for all strands) (times tables practice) (probability) (probability) (Probability) 4_/probability.html (probability) (Math Magician) (Math Frog) (Prime Factorization) (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives)

Multiple Use Sites (activities for math, geography, science)

Puzzle Type Sites (assorted activities for words, #s, strategy) (mad libs/soduko puzzles)

Science (multiples strands of science) (lots of great science tasks) (experiments, games, facts, quizzes, projects) (human body for science or health) (Bill Nye, Dr. Bob activities, etc)

Social Studies / Geography / History ( to learn about the First Nations of Canada) (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website) (Canada's native peoples) (The Aboriginal Peoples) (Canadian Museum of Civilization) (Early Explorers/ Vikings) (Vikings: The North Sea Saga) (Who Wants to be a Viking Game) (Canadian explorers) (The european voyages of exploration) (animal facts, puzzle maps, Canadian facts, homework help) (art, games. History, music, english, science, social studies) (info about countries of the world) (Map of US - States (Puzzle)) (Map of Canada -Provinces(Puzzle)) ( (United Nations) (The World Trade Organization) (The North American Free Trade Agreement) (The World Health Organization) (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) (The Commonwealth of Nations) (la Francophone) (The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) association)

General Curriculum Support (tutor help) (Art)
(you buy a membership for this one and it covers all curriculum areas and you can print them off too)