Welcome to Grade 3 and 4!!

Have a fantastic March Break everyone! Be safe and enjoy some family time. See you Monday March 21st.


**Pleasemake sure to have some supplies (ruler, pencils, eraser, pencilcrayons, a glue stick, scissors) available for the new year.

**Studentsare appearing to be quite hungry. Please make sure they have enoughsnacks, to limit the frequency of their visits to the office for snacks.

**Ifyou would need to email to ask a question or confirm information,please use the email icon on the bottom left hand side of the main page.Be sure to enable your email so I can respond, as I often receivemessages but am unable to send a response since the email gets kickedback to me. 


Some students require more time to finishactivities and may need a few minutes at home to complete tasks from theday to keep them on track with the class.

As news becomesavailable I will post it on this webpage. This will include informationabout special events, day to day happenings, as well as curriculumrelated information.
I will try my best to keep everyone up to date on what is happening here in class. 


Religion - The Holy Doors of Mercy.......The Beatitudes.....


Science - we are on a break from science until approximately February when we will begin to explore:
Gr. 3 -Forces Causing Movement                 and Gr. 4 - Light and Sound....then onto our last units....
Gr. 3 -Growth & Changes in Plants               and    Gr. 4 - Habitats and Communities

Social Studies - 
-Gr. 3 Communities in Canada (1780-1850)      ;   Gr. 4  Early Societies 3000BCE - 1500CE
-Quiz will be near the end of January (approximately) I will keep you posted

Math - Multiplication....Patterning....Fractions..... 

Language Arts - ...guided reading groups....persuasive writing....descriptive writing.....poetry.....fables.....

Health - Substance Use and Abuse......(coming soon)


Phys. Ed - Co-operative and Team Building Activities


French --students will have French class with Mme Boh on Monday (pm), Wednesday (pm) and every other Friday (pm) for the whole year


Dance/Drama/Music -students will have Dance/Drama/Music class for the whole year with Ms. Guillemette


As a combination class with 2 divisions of students (Gr 3 being Primary and Gr 4 being Junior) we will be quite busy.

Ilook forward to working with all of the students and their families tomake sure a successful and happy year is had by all. If you have anyconcerns questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call theschool and leave a message for me with the office staff and I shall getback to you as soon as I can. 

Thank you in advance for all of your support.


Mrs. Laferriere