Cardboard Boat Challenge

Grade 8s Build a Cardboard Boat
Posted on 04/13/2016
Grade 8s Build Cardboard Box Boat

Four of our Grade 8 students recently competed in the Annual Cardboard Boat Challenge. This event was sponsored by the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) and was held at the Innisfil YMCA.

Our team of four creative students constructed a cardboard boat in two hours. According to Nicholas, it felt like just twenty minutes. Clearly, our team had fun!

Students were given one large roll of duck tape, string, contact cement, one paper clip, an xacto knife and two sheets of cardboard. The team agreed that one real challenge was how to share the tools because only one of each tool was provided. Happily, cooperation was our team strength. Sofia and Tia worked on the front of the craft while Liam and Nicholas constructed the back.

Teams were challenged to demonstrate speed and buoyancy in the pool. Liam explained that MRO’s boat was small and a little unstable. Our team has already identified some revisions in next year’s design with a curved bow to improve gliding, some added weight in the stern to increase stability, and a wider dimension to allow all four crew to sail together.

Tia reported that although we didn’t take home the prize, “all four of us were happy and we congratulated the others. We represented MRO well.” Indeed, we are proud of our team!